Day activities app


This app connects between people who are looking for bear watching tours and professional guides, specializing in wild bear attractions.
UX: Create


I extensively researched existing bear species, their natural habitat, unique activities and characterization, as well as searched the web for wildlife watching tours and learned about their design, content and user journey. The information I collected led me to think which target audience will fit the app design.

veronique-estie-_Og8dU4VKRw-unsplash (1)

Target audience

People who like to hike in wild environments, watch animals in their natural habitat, who are patient, honor wildlife and nature in general and are eager to have unique adventures to remember.

Logo & branding

I chose an icon of a wild bear that represents generic bear characteristics. Since each bear lives in a special habitat, tour activities are differentiated accordingly. I added a twist in his nose that reminds a map location needle to symbolize the connection.

Final version

Early sketches

Tour screens

For the tour screens, I used images of bears from different regions in attractive postures, to let users experience the unique activity and trip spirit as soon as they enter the app.

Choose the trip that suits you with the perfect guide.

Color palette

Color choice is Influenced by bear fur. Titles and buttons are in a contrasting and bold colors.

HEX 25201C


HEX 716256


Titles: “ultra”,heavy font with presence that Reminds travel magazines fonts.
Sub titles & text-“mukta”,clean, spacy & simple.



Tour selection

Choose your location, date and activity.


The challenge was to express the bear’s natural habitat or unique type of activity as an icon, in the activity selection screen.

Tour information

All the information you need about the trip you have chosen.

Icon styling

I added a humoristic touch to the tour highlights icons and in the rating screens.

Meet your guide

Get to know your guide and see more trips she offers.


You can ask more details about the trip.

Screens flow


I have learned the importance of research as a fundamental base for a precise end outcome. As this task required a mobile mode only, I had the challenge to plan and use every inch of screen’s area in order to express all its components, while enabling a light, fluent, readable experience and fun journey for the user.