Logo case study

The goal

To create a logo that will fit a digital platform, resembles a wild bear and reflects fun activities, according to the app spirit.


Adobe Illustrator



This app connects people who are looking for a bear watching tours to professional guides, specialized in wild bear attractions.

Target audience

Was defined as people who like to hike in wild environments, watch animals in their natural habitat, who are patient, honor wildlife and nature in general and eager to have unique adventures to remember.

The process

The main search was focused on shapes and imagery. all the versions were based on flat style.

Early sketches

The first option included bear face inside “bo” (for Bears Observation) in shape of binoculars to reflect bears watch activity. The option was rejected because it didn't reflect the app spirit.

Face focus

Trying to express bears different habitats  locations of tours activities, second option expressed it by using a location pin, as the bear’s nose. this option was rejected because it didn't resembled wild bear face.

Typography only

checking the option of design a pure typography logo, named after app. later on, decided to incorporate it in the final option.

Getting there

Option below shows how I approached the final result. I chose an icon of a flat digitized wild bear, that reflects the fun of apps activities, with a twist of diamond nose as a location needle.

Final logo