Dashboard app


Aimed for professional volleball woman players, this app measures key movements performance indicators, displaying them as day’s games dashboard along with averages, min & max periodic performance.
UX: Create


Displaying performance of this sport required mapping and distililng its basic & unique movements, In order to express them as icons.

image 1.jpg


Translating movement to icon, early sketches included full body illustration with ball movement direction gauge, which were cropped to minimum body-movement illustration with horizontal bar, best expressing it.

Early sketches

Logo & branding

Ball design stemmed from the classic strips of this sport ball, colored in warm dynamic yellow and red, balanced with natural white, all contrasted by the deep background blue.

Early sketches

Color palette

Was influenced by the colored uniform of pro teams, expressing active and vibrant energy and calm focus expressed by blue.



HEX F21414

Bar chart color logic

Every day there are three games. In order for the user to get a quick picture for his performance at any game time it was necessary to give a specific color accordingly.


Titles: “Saira Stencil One” sub titles & text-“Expletus Sans”
in general, both fonts contain gaps that resemble ball strips joint, soft flow and sharp sudden movements.

Saira Stencil One

Expletus Sans


Get your personal performance every day

Responsive design


In the transition to mobile, the challenge was to arrange the graph and the infographics vertically. I decided to adjust the graph in a way that implicates a right side continuity, set the infographics in pairs and cropped Magazine photos to display accordingly.


Here the challenge was to present the graph and each infographic on a tiny screen, in its most distilled and readable way, omitting non-necessary information.


Facing the challenge of designing a dashboard, i learned to express indicators as quantitative and qualitative iconography.